Camper Parties Coming to a Home Near You

Camper Parties Coming to a Home Near You

What is a Camper Party? 

camper party is a fun time to gather with families who’ve never been to summer camp at Camp Highland before, and share with them about how awesome it is! We find that many first-time camper families interested in going to a summer camp are hesitant to sign up. They fear not knowing anyone, being unsure what to expect, and worrying about safety. Well, don’t hesitate any longer! We have you covered on all this and more through our camper parties! You can become a host or you can attend one of these engaging events. Host families are those who’ve attended summer camp at Camp Highland before. Therefore, they have already experienced the excitement!

Introduce New Friends & Families & Receive FREE Camp!

How it works:

  • Your child must be registered for a week of Overnight Summer Camp in 2019.
  • You must host a camper party with us.
  • A new camper must register for a week at Overnight Summer Camp. “New Camper” means they’ve never been to summer camp with us before.

You (party host) receive discount:

  • 25% Discount if 1 new camper registers. That’s $175 off for weeks 1 & 2, and $200 off for weeks 3, 4, 6, 7, & 8!
  • 50% Discount if 2 new campers register. That’s $350 off for weeks 1 & 2, and $400 off for weeks 3, 4, 6, 7, & 8!
  • 75% Discount if 3 new campers register. That’s $525 off for weeks 1 & 2, and $600 off for weeks 3, 4, 6, 7, & 8!
  • FREE CAMP if 4 new campers register. That’s it, FREE!

When and where are Camper Parties?

You can host a camper party in your home, in your back yard, at a park, or at your neighborhood clubhouse. We schedule these from January through April. They typically last 1.5 to 2 hours. One or two of our full-time staff are there to set up, facilitate everything, and clean up. We provide food and drinks, show an exciting video, share stories, talk about what you can expect, and have time for Q&A. That’s it! It’s a fun and personal way for first-time campers and their parents to get an inside look at everything to expect at a week of summer camp at Camp Highland!

I want to host a Camper Party

If you’re a Camp Highland veteran and would like to host a camper party, then we’d love to hear from you! This is a great opportunity for your kids and their friends to sign up together! [As space permits and age requirements are followed]. We encourage all host families to share their experience with their guests. Our veterans are our biggest advocates and have the most influence for other families. These nights are a lot of fun and are a great personal way to invite new friends to be a part of our Camp Highland Family.

I want to attend a Camper Party

Now is your chance to find out everything there is to know about summer camp at Camp Highland. If you and your child(ren)  have never been to summer camp with us before, then you are invited! You don’t need to know the host family in order to attend a party. Contact us today for dates and locations that are closest to you!

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