COVID-19 & Summer Camps

How we are addressing COVID-19:

Since 1993, CH has existed to be used by God to transform the lives of people for His purposes and His glory. This purpose is no different in 2020! In order to prepare for effective ministry this summer, we are taking measures, both operationally and medically, to conduct camp safely in response to COVID-19. 

First and foremost, we will rely on expert guidance concerning COVID-19 provided by state government and health professionals, including the CDC, with the goal of providing a safe and fun environment for campers and staff.  We will be following the guidelines released May 24th by the Georgia Governor’s appointed task-force for overnight youth camp operators. We also understand that every family is being impacted differently by this pandemic and that you as a parent know what is best for your child. In our desire to serve you well, our cancellation policy for summer 2020 has been removed and the decision to send your child to camp in 2020 is yours. 

We want you, as parents, to understand the rigorous efforts the Camp Highland team is taking toward protecting the health of your child. We are prepared to implement the following measures.

Preventative Mindset and Medical Standards:​

  • Every Camper will be monitored for symptoms prior to arrival. Once enrolled they will receive more information about filling out a COVID attestation form and submit their negative COVID test result upon arrival at camp. 
  • On camper drop-off days, everyone who arrives on camp property, not just campers, will be asked COVID-19 related health screening questions. Every person in the car will be thermal scanned on arrival. Campers will be thermal scanned every day of camp.
  • All Overnight Camp Staff will be tested and screened prior to arrival at camp.
  • We will perform and log temperature checks on every camper and staff member twice a day.
  • As always, we will have at least one RN on sight at all times
  • Our medical staff will care for your camper in the most responsible way possible. In some instances, this will mean sending your camper home to protect others from being infected.

What about physical distancing?

  • We will be operating camp this summer using a “household” system. Each household will consist of up to 10 campers in a cabin and their two counselors.
  •  Households will be social distanced from other households at all times including activities, meals, and larger group settings.
  • Large group, indoor interactions such as opening and closing ceremonies will be eliminated, and other gatherings will be held in accordance with government guidelines for the number of people who can safely be together in an indoor space.
  • We have re-designed the large group events that we are still having so that they are broken into smaller groups and moved outdoors when possible. Even in these settings, we will maintain appropriate social distancing between households as described above.
  • Support staff members will wear face coverings when interacting with campers in a role that requires them to be within 6 ft of a camper . 
  • Mealtimes will be served and eaten in households using a take-out system instead of self-serve or family style. 
  • Camper bunks will follow the guidelines that are required by the CDC and the ACA.

What about Masks?

Campers and staff will wear face coverings on an as needed basis. Examples of this include:

  • When outside, face coverings will not be needed unless in the rare occurrence that staff/campers need to interact closely with someone outside of their household.
  • When in an indoor space with other households due to a rain delay.
  • All food handlers will wear their face covering while preparing and serving food. 
  • Support staff members (i.e. example photographers, high adventure facilitators, or kitchen staff) will wear masks when performing a task that requires them to be within 6 ft. of a camper.

What about cleaning and disinfecting camp?

We have added to our usual cleaning practices multiple layers of disinfecting policies using guidance from the CDC.

  • Summer staff and campers will be trained on how to properly wash and sanitize hands according to the guidelines recommended by the CDC. Staff members will also be trained on monitoring of campers to prevent behaviors that spread illness.
  • Additional handwashing facilities have been added to our main building.
  • Each staff member will have a bottle of hand sanitizer with them at all times so that it is available at all locations, including remote ones, where campers or staff are unable to access handwashing facilities.
  • Staff members will be trained on routine cleaning and disinfecting practices of all buildings and activity spaces. These scheduled cleanings will take place using the time frames and practices recommended by the CDC and will target highly touched surfaces.
  • Public restrooms will be inspected, restocked, and disinfected three times each day.
  • As always, a detailed deep clean of facilities and equipment will be conducted at the end of each week. 
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