Family Camp Information

Prepare for Your Retreat

We are looking forward to serving you at Camp Highland! We believe this weekend’s sessions, fellowship, worship, and high adventure activities will help lead you into a growing relationship with your child, family, and with Jesus.


Check-in will be 9-10AM on Saturday. Please try not to arrive earlier. 

We’ll be providing snacks, coffee and lunch.

The retreat will end around 5:30PM on Saturday. Dinner will not be served. 


  • Water bottle
  • Pair of closed toe shoes (for high rope elements) 
  • Water shoes (with a back)
    *Depending on the weather there is a chance we’ll have the pond open.
  • Swim suit (girls: one-piece only & bring shorts to wear while swimming) 
    *Depending on the weather there is a chance we’ll have the pond open.
  • Beach Towel 
    *Depending on the weather, there is a chance we’ll have the pond open.
  • Bug spray 
  • Sunscreen 
  • Backpack (for carrying personal gear around during the day)


Check-in will be at the round-about in front of the main building (The Gym). Please stay in your car and we will direct you through the process. 

The itinerary will be given during the Orientation at 10AM. One important thing to remember: it’s “Camp Time,” so don’t worry about schedules and times. Enjoy being away from a strict schedule for the day. High adventure elements and the pond (depending on time of year) will be open in the afternoon.

We will email you an online form that each member of your family will need to complete prior to arrival. 

  • Bible 
  • Water bottle
  • notebook or journal (we also have some for sale in our store)
  • pen or pencil 
  • 2 t-shirts 
  • 1 long sleeved shirt & sweatshirt (depending on weather)
  • socks 
  • underwear 
  • shorts 
  • bathing suit (girls: one-piece only & bring shorts to wear while swimming) 
  • pair of water shoes (with a back)
  • pair of closed toe shoes (for rope elements) 
  • 2 towels (1 for showers and 1 for water activities) 
  • sleeping bag or bed sheets (for a twin size bed)
  • pillow 
  • bug spray 
  • sunscreen 
  • toiletries
  • flashlight or headlamp
  • backpack (for carrying personal gear around during the day)
  • hiking boots 
  • camera
  • jewelry/watches
  • personal equipment like climbing/safety gear
  • fireworks
  • tobacco  
  • e-cigarettes  
  • alcohol
  • drugs
  • knives

Possession or use of tobacco, alcohol, or drugs will lead to police notification and immediate dismissal.

Check-in will begin at 7:00 pm on Friday evening. Please try not to arrive earlier. 

We’ll provide snacks, drinks, and dessert for Friday evening, but please be sure to eat dinner prior to arriving. We’ll have camp staff to greet and direct you to your cabin and where to park.

Feel free to settle into your cabin, walk around camp, throw a frisbee, and make yourself at home. The first session will start around 8:00 pm. 

The retreat will end around 11:00am on Sunday morning. Lunch is not served on Sunday.

The itinerary will be given out at Friday night’s program. One important thing to remember: it’s “Camp Time”, so don’t worry about schedules and times. Enjoy being away from a strict schedule this weekend. There will be separate breakout sessions in the mornings and evenings for parents and kids along with worship, parent/child time, and meals. High adventure elements and water sports (depending on time of year) will be open Saturday afternoon.

We have 2 bunkhouses divided into 8 bunk rooms that sleep 16 each (with a bathroom attached to each room), with central heating and air. 

We also have traditional open-air, a-frame cabins that our middle and high school campers stay in each summer. There is a girl and a guy bathhouse beside these cabins. We will be offering these for those do not wish to sleep in cabin with fewer people.

You may also bring a tent to camp out with your child on property. Let us know if you’d like to use one of our tents. 

For all of these accommodations you will need to bring your own bedding (including a pillow, sheets, and/or a blanket). Some choose to just bring a sleeping bag.

We will email you a form that will need to be completed for each person attending the retreat. 

For directions to camp, please click here:  Google Maps

Please notify us as soon as possible if you need to cancel your registration. Please note that the $50 deposit is non-refundable. Payments above that will be refunded, if cancellation is made within 4 weeks of retreat.

It is our heart and desire that no child will ever be left out because of an inability to pay the full tuition cost of camp. We are committed to working with you to figure out a way to get your child to Camp Highland, even if you’re in a tight financial position and even if it takes some creativity on both of our parts to make it happen. So, we’ve put together the following as a means to communicate how we think about financial aid and some ideas that you can use to make sure your child joins us at camp this coming summer.


First, you do not necessarily need to apply for financial aid before apply for summer camp for your child. Deposits/Tuition are charged only upon enrollment (not upon submission of the application), so if you’re applying for financial aid, simply make note of that in the application and we’ll handle your application accordingly.

Full and partial scholarships are awarded on an as-needed basis and determined on a sliding scale. To apply for a scholarship, submit a completed Financial Aid Packet. We’ll contact you with a decision or any further questions once we review the information.

We do ask everybody to make some investment towards the tuition, even if it’s small. Even in the tightest of situations, with a “full scholarship” towards overnight camp, we will generally ask parents to cover the $50 deposit.