Overnight Camp Information

General Information

The summer camp schedule is designed entirely around the idea that life-change happens most effectively within the context of relationships. Many camps utilize a “choose your own adventure” approach to activities scheduling for their campers, wherein campers choose activities based on their interests and have a unique schedule from their cabin mates for the week. We’ve taken a very different approach, believing and seeing that an amazing camp experience has very little to do with what you do, and everything to do with who you do it with. 

Campers spend their week at Camp Highland entirely with their cabin group. All activities are scheduled for them as a group and the campers never know for certain what activity is coming up next. This lets kids be kids and not worry about the details of the week, but it also gives our summer staff an abundance of time with each camper. This is time that allows our staff to truly get to know each camper and be able to disciple them in the most effective and personal way possible.

With that said, we want every camper to leave camp at the end of the week telling stories of all the amazing activities they did! Our hope and prayer for all campers is that they leave camp telling stories of all the challenges they tackled and of the fears that they overcame. Most importantly, we want campers telling stories about what they learned about the character of God through their counselors, what they learned about trusting Jesus through the ropes course, and that, sometimes, following the Lord can be challenging and sometimes feels like getting your raft stuck on that rock going down the river.

June 3-8, 2024 Week 1$890Rising 4th-12th
June 10-15, 2024Week 2$890Rising 4th-12th
June 10-15, 2024Watersports Week 2$1,030Rising 10th-12th
June 17-22, 2024Week 3$890Rising 4th-12th
June 17-22, 2024Leadership Summit Week 3$1,030Rising 11th-12th
June 24-29, 2024Week 4$890Rising 4th-12th
July 8-13, 2024Week 6$890Rising 4th-12th
July 8-13, 2024Watersports Week 6$1,030Rising 10th-12th
July 15-20, 2024Week 7$890Rising 4th-12th
July 15-20, 2024Leadership Summit Week 7$1,030Rising 11th-12th Only
July 22-27, 2024Week 8$890Rising 4th-12th
July 22-27, 2024Watersports Week 8$1,030Rising 10th-12th

Financial Aid

It is our heart and desire that no child will ever be left out because of an inability to pay the full tuition cost of camp. We are committed to working with you to figure out a way to get your child to Camp Highland, even if you’re in a tight financial position and even if it takes some creativity on both of our parts to make it happen. So, we’ve put together the following as a means to communicate how we think about financial aid and some ideas that you can use to make sure your child joins us at camp this coming summer.


First, you do not necessarily need to apply for financial aid before apply for summer camp for your child. Deposits/Tuition are charged only upon enrollment (not upon submission of the application), so if you’re applying for financial aid, simply make note of that in the application and we’ll handle your application accordingly.

Full and partial scholarships are awarded on an as-needed basis. To apply for a scholarship, submit this Financial Aid Application. We’ll contact you with a decision or any further questions once we review the information.

We do ask everybody to make some investment towards the tuition, even if it’s small. Even in the tightest of situations, with a “full scholarship” towards overnight camp, we will generally ask parents to cover a $75 deposit. 


Due to the higher cost of Leadership Summit or Watersports, and considering the ability of a high school student to earn money towards the program, we generally keep the minimum family investment in these two programs at $200. Again, please contact us if this is still beyond the means of your family.

High School Camps
(rising 10th-12th graders)


The Watersports Camp is the newest way that we are continuing to Engage the Heart of our high school campers by providing another opportunity for older campers to grow in their faith. This camp will allow the campers to be on the water almost every day they are at camp. They will be wakeboarding, wakesurfing, skiing, tubing and more behind world class boats. Our partnership with Nautique and Watersports Central is making this possible. The primary focus of the Watersports camp is for campers to learn how to grow in their faith while getting to be on the water the whole week. For pricing and dates head back to our Overnight registration.

Leadership Summit is one of our favorite programs at camp! 

During our Leadership Summit Program we focus on developing leaders from a biblical perspective. James Ward leads this program with the help of guest speakers and our full-time staff. He facilitates leadership development sessions practice opportunities and holds Q&A times for the students to ask all kinds of questions. The campers still participate in fun camp activities like Teams Course, tubing on the lake, rappelling, Jacob’s Ladder and white water rafting on the Ocoee. The sessions will challenge them to become leaders in their schools, churches and communities. 


Our GO program is designed for campers who learn best on the move! Through high adventure on rivers and ropes courses and intimate conversations around the campfire, GO campers will be challenged to put their faith in action both at camp and back at home! While GO campers still get to experience classic camp traditions such as high ropes, tubing, and tribal, they also have the unique opportunity to spend much of their time with us on off-site excursions. These adventures include a day long hike, kayaking, overnight camping, and white water rafting on the Ocoee! If you’re ready to grow closer to God and your friends through adventure this is the program for you! For dates and pricing head back to our Overnight registration.

Prepare for Camp

If you’ve already registered your child for overnight camp or just want to dig into the details of how to prepare for your child’s week of overnight camp with us? The information below answers the most common questions regarding preparation for the week.

  • A fitted sheet to go on the mattress (in addition to normal bedding)
  • Water bottle (we also have these for sale in our store)
  • 1 pair of water shoes (must have a back)
  • Bible 
  • 1 notebook or journal (we also have some for sale in our store)
  • 2 pens or pencils 
  • 6-7 t-shirts 
  • 1 long sleeved shirt & sweatshirt 
  • 5 pairs of socks 
  • 6 pairs of underwear 
  • 5-6 pairs of shorts 
  • 1 bathing suit (girls: one-piece only, plus shorts to wear while swimming) 
  • 1 pair of closed-toed
  • Pillow 
  • 2 towels (one for showers and one for water activities) 
  • Bed sheets and blanket (for a twin size bed)
  • Sleeping bag (in case campers want to have a campout night with their cabin)
  • Bug spray 
  • Sunscreen 
  • Toiletries
  • Flashlight or headlamp
  • Backpack (for carrying bible, journal, closed toed shoes and water bottle around during the day)
  • Cash for the Camp Store
THEME T-SHIRTS (Optional):
  • Tie-dye Tuesday
  • Wildlife Wednesday 
  • Festive Friday (anything that feels festive or holiday themed)
  • Sleeping bag for potential camping trip (on-site)
  • Backpack for potential camping trip (on-site)
  • Comfortable shoes for hiking. 
  • Cell phones 
  • Jewelry/watches
  • Electronics – iPods, games, hairdryers, etc.
  • Books or magazines that are not Christ-centered
  • Personal sports equipment, including climbing/safety gear
  • No skirts/dresses for harnessed activities. 
  • Air pods or headphones (can easily get lost)
  • Fireworks
  • Tobacco  
  • E Cigarettes  
  • Alcohol
  • Drugs
  • Knives

Possession or use of tobacco, alcohol, or drugs will lead to police notification and immediate dismissal.

(The gate will open at 10AM, should you arrive early you may find yourself in a bit of line waiting for the gate to open).

When you pull through the gate our team will direct you through the registration process.

  1. All medicine will need to be handed to our nurses from the car (so please have this separate from your camper’s luggage). 
  2. Our staff will collect your camper’s Care Package, so have this separate from their luggage as well.
  3. You will be directed to your camper’s cabin to drop off their luggage and they will stay at their cabin with their 2 counselors.  

Saturday PICK-UP
(The gate will open at 10:30AM, should you arrive early you may find yourself in a bit of line waiting for the gate to open).

(All families are invited to attend our closing session with campers which typically lasts 15-20min.)

After the session you will be directed to your camper’s cabin again to pick them up with their luggage. 

We understand that you’re entrusting to us the most important part of your lives, and we do all we can to ensure the health and safety of your children. We commit to you that we’ll be proactive in pursuing you in the event that something happens to your child to ensure you’re getting the information you need as a parent to make decisions about your child’s health. We do understand that you might not want to know about every bump or bruise, but if our nurse and/or camp director feels that the incident is significant, you will receive a phone call alerting you of the situation. Generally, if your child has to sit out of an activity for even a short period of time, and definitely if the injury/illness requires medical care beyond what our nurse can provide, you will be notified.

At the overnight camp, we have a nurse on our staff on property full-time to handle any medical needs, including disbursement of medication, and injuries. He/She also acts as a consultant to our day camp location in the event of need. In addition, our staff at both camp locations, are trained in first aid and CPR before the start of the summer

Medical History

All campers are required to fill out a comprehensive health history form, located in your CampInTouch account, before arriving at camp. This form ensures that we have all the information we need to provide the best possible care for your child while at camp, as well as any information a doctor might need to assist your child in the event of an emergency. While it may take a few minutes to fill out, it is essential that we have complete record of any medical concerns so we can provide the best possible care!


Please let us know if there are any allergies or intolerances that you would like us to know before your child arrives at camp. If your child has an allergy that is potentially anaphylactic, we do not generally have epinephrine injectors on-hand so we ask that you send one with your camper. All of our staff are trained in the use of epinephrine injectors and we’ll work with you to decide who you’re most comfortable with carrying it.

Our kitchen can handle the most common food allergies (celiacs/gluten-free, dairy, eggs, nuts of all kinds, etc.) without any trouble and can provide in-house options without any planning. However, for more rare allergies, please contact us at least a week ahead of your child’s week at camp and we’ll work with you to figure out a best plan of action to provide the best food options for your campers. 


Medication will only be distributed under the specific instructions of the camper’s physician and with written permission from a legal parent/guardian. All medications, including over-the-counter meds, need to be given to the nurse (at overnight camp) or camp director (at day camp) upon arrival; for the safety of all of our campers and staff, we do not allow medication in the cabins or camper groups. The camp nurse will follow the distribution schedule in the camper’s medical history form, and in the event that a camper needs medications at night (insulin injections, etc), we’ll work with you to determine the best plan for the week to ensure you’re comfortable with the arrangement.

Parents are encouraged to put together a small care package of goodies that we will give out in the middle of the week (no bigger than a shoe box). These are thoughtful reminders of home and of the people who love and miss them while they are away at camp.

  • Examples of fun items for a care package are: glow sticks, resealable snacks, sports drinks, notes from family members, photos, homemade cookies.
  • Examples of bad items for a care package are: candy with wrappers, any food item that is not in a sealed container, electronics, sling shots, toy guns, etc.
Our staff will be available to take your camper’s care package at the luggage drop-off on Monday morning.

We have t-shirts, water bottles, key chains, hats, candy, drinks, and more for campers to purchase at the store. We have three options for campers to make purchases this summer: 

  1. Cash, you can send them with cash. (This is our preference!)
  2. Gift Cards, you can purchase an eGift Card for them. (Try to let them know how much you plan to give them!) Gift cards are non-refundable, but they do not expire. Make sure to put your camper’s name as the recipient name on the gift card. You will have the option to load more onto their eGift Card later in the week if you’d like! 
  3. Shop,  you can purchase items in the store on Monday and Saturday for your campers and you will have the option to purchase physical gift cards in the store that we can give to your camper. 

Accessible through the “Parent Login” link in menu above, your CampInTouch account gives you access to your information, your child’s information, secure online applications, as well as summer photos, news, and camp stamps (a way to send messages to your campers while they are with us). This also gives you the ability to update your information: addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, billing info, and more. After your application has been processed you will be notified of your enrollment status and you will receive an enrollment confirmation email.

For directions to camp please click here:  Google Maps

If the cost of sending your child to camp is prohibitive to your child experiencing a week of camp, we have created a scholarship account specifically designed with you in mind. Through our Scholarship Program, parents can still send their children to Camp without breaking their wallets! No child should be turned away from Camp because their family cannot afford it. If you find the need for financial assistance then this scholarship is for you. Instructions to apply for financial assistance are below; please return all forms to information@camphighland2.wpengine.com before registering for camp.

Please note that your camper’s registration includes a non-refundable deposit. If you cancel before Jan. 15th we will refund all except the non-refundable deposit. On January 17th we will charge your method of payment half of the remaining balance which will be become non-refundable as well. If you cancel before May 15th the deposit plus half of the balance will be non-refundable, but we will not charge you the final payment. All cancellations after May 15th will be fully non-refundable

For campers with disciplinary problems, we do our best to coordinate with parents to help solve problems as early in the week as possible. We truly want every camper to be able to stay the whole week and will do our best to navigate any underlying circumstances that might be causing the problem. However, in the unlikely event that we are unable to resolve discipline issues with a camper, sometimes the only option is to ask a parent to come pick up their child early. In this case, no refunds will be offered.

For campers who get sick and have to go home we will try to work out a way for them to come back up once they are better, but unfortunately we do not offer refunds.