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We Honor Our Veterans

We honor our Veterans by saying thank you

Today, we remember and honor all of the veterans who serve our country. We also want to take time out of our day to say thank you! Veterans Day is an opportunity for Americans to pay tribute to all service men and women, living and dead. Throughout the 25+ years of Camp Highland’s history, we have had the privilege of walking alongside many veterans. These people sacrifice their time, energy, and lives for our great country. We’ve seen parents, campers, and counselors who have chosen to serve in the armed forces in different capacities.

Christians in today’s world

The United States looks drastically different today than it has in the past 50, 25, and even 5 years. Everyday, our freedoms are threatened by those who either want to harm us or are just wildly misinformed. This is why as Christians we believe that we must stand up for truth. However, truth is not only described as right and wrong. It is defined by God and laid out before us in His Word. As Christians, we see the world in a different light because our eyes and ears are open by the truth of Jesus Christ, and by the grace that He brings us. It’s often too easy to let our differences come between us as a nation, but we can’t let those differences destroy us. We must continue to fight the good fight and stand up for what is true.

We salute you!

Again, we say Thank You to all of the men and women who have and continue to fight the good fight! It’s because of good people like you that we are able to live in the amazing country we do today. We salute you and all that you do to keep us free and safe!