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Most every January for the last handful of years, a small contingency of our staff has headed to Boulder, CO, for the CampMinder Camp; For those of you that have ever applied for summer staff or had a child come to camp, you’ve used CampMinder. They put together a great conference, or “Camp”, most every year that’s more than just about registration software. They are as passionate as about any camp that I know about the impact that summer camp can have on the life of a child, so they plan an event that helps camps do just that from a technology perspective.

The reality is, though, that only a few of us really need to go to the conference. But it’s January, and the conference is in Colorado. We’re camp people and love the mountains so why not take more people?! And why not make a hashtag out of it and maybe raise a bit of money for the scholarship fund?! Oh, and btw, we found this fantastically amazing 1988 school bus on Craigslist that’s just waiting to be remodeled and renamed the Freedom Stallion… It has a remote shot of finishing the 2700 mile journey but, hey, in the timeless words of Jim Carrey, “Sooooo you’re saying there’s a chance…!!”

At this moment, the Freedom Stallion made it to CO, up some hills that a school bus was never intended to summit, and is already half-way back across KS. The conference was really great; CampMinder puts together a great event and its given us some ideas for ways that we can make the Camp Highland experience even better for the future. There’s also still time to “come along” on #TheGreatBusTrip. If you haven’t donated yet, please do so! It’s a great opportunity to give as much or as little as you’re able towards kids coming to camp this summer. Just visit and be a part of the trip!

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