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Best of Camp Highland 2018!

Reflecting back on 2018

Every time we look back and reflect on 2018, so many great moments come to mind! Not only were there tons of great moments, but we were also able to serve a lot of people. And I mean, A LOT! But it wasn’t just the people that we served. It was a whole lot of pretty much everything! So, we decided to make a list of all the “A LOT’S” that we had last year. This is the Best of Camp Highland 2018!

A LOT of everything

  • We baked over 10,000 cookies!
  • We served over 40,000 meals, which means we’ve washed over 100,000 dishes!
  • The 2 outpost porta-johns got cleaned an award-winning 28 times! (so clean you could eat off them…but don’t do it!)
  • We had over 2,000 vehicles drive onto the property!
  • Replaced 10 inner tubes for pulling behind the boats!
  • There were 12 bald eagle sitings!
  • 5,500 zip liner rides!
  • Over 100 volunteers came to serve!
  • 30 trips down the Nantahala, Ocoee, and Cartecay Rivers!
  • We doubled the number of schools with whom we partner to 26 in total!
  • Served 21 churches!
  • 8 sports teams!
  • 8 corporate teams!
  • 2 foster homes!
  • Overnight campers hit 1,000 excited kids!
  • Day campers hit 400 excited kids!
  • Total number of people served = 6,577!!

Looking ahead at 2019

Wow! What an incredible year! The Lord has been so good to Camp Highland, and He continues to allow us to serve an abundance of people. Every year keeps getting better. We can only imagine what he has in store for us in 2019! Let’s GO!

 Want to come to Camp Highland this year?

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