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Camp Highland Kenya

A Familiar Face

An unexpected yet familiar face greeted me this morning. I walked into Bill Chapman’s home and our friend Moses Zhangi from Kenya was sitting right there in the living room. What a pleasant surprise! Moses is one of the incredible local Camp Highland leaders in Kwamba, Kenya. He is here visiting the United States to build relationships and support for what he is doing for the youth in his country.

Camp Highland is in Kenya

The friendship between Camp Highland and the Kenyan team dates back about 10 years. We partnered with some local leaders, like Moses, to create an outpost. The outpost is used to engage, educate, and develop young leaders in the community. It reflects the Camp Highland model of experiential education. Headquartered on land and used as training grounds, it is comprised of low rope team building initiatives. If you’ve been up to the Camp Highland property in Ellijay, GA, then you’ve probably seen the low ropes courses. Our goal with our Kenyan counterparts is to partner together to reach more children for God’s kingdom by means of experiential education. It’s been a big success and the team there is amazing!

Investing in the next generation of leaders

Just like the mission at Camp Highland, the Kenya team is investing in the next generation of leaders. We all realize that the hearts of children are always at risk. There are too many forces in our world today that are forever luring our children towards a path of destruction. Our mission at Camp Highland is to fight for the hearts of our children! We do this by exposing them to God’s Word in a way that is real, engaging, and transformational.

If you’d like to hear more about Moses and what he is doing in Kenya, check out the video below. For more information about international missions, check out what our friends at 410 Bridge are up to.