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Covid-19 and Summer Camp

We are all walking through some very challenging times in the last few weeks. It’s impossible to have been prepared for what the last three weeks have held for so many families and individuals, especially the elderly, people living alone and those who have lost their income with no warning. We are praying for each of you and your extended families. We also wanted to reach out to you and let you know we are still wildly engaged in putting together the best summer we can imagine! We’re not ignoring the fact that we are in difficult times. In fact, we are acknowledging those times and trying to reimagine what Camp can be like in light of the new normal. Without trying to guess what things might be like the next day or the next week, our team is working to evaluate the safest way for us to serve in the months ahead. We are working to adopt every standard the CDC has published and even take into account suggestions being made by the American Camp Association for organizations like ours to operate in the safest way possible.

We’ve always been deeply concerned with the safety of our campers physically, emotionally and spiritually and today that is no exception. We are taking every precaution to make sure we are adapting to the present circumstances and remain faithful to giving children a safe place to get outside, play and grow. If your house is like ours, with everyone locked down at home, you are ready to send them to camp today! Don’t worry, we will be in touch in the weeks ahead to keep you informed of the developing details as the summer draws closer. Thank you for being part of the Camp Highland family! We are praying for you and your loved ones. In time, we will be on the other side of this crisis and our hope is that our faith will be stronger and our relationships will be deeper.

 Stay Close, (but not too close!)


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  1. Gary Wirth

    Bill – I’m praying for wisdom for you and the team, and for those considering camp this year – that they do not lose hope and that they continue to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading during this time.

  2. Melanie Camden

    Thank you!

  3. Wendi Williamson

    Great, encouraging words, Bill! We are praying for a wonderful season for camp in summer 2020. We need it and our kids need it! 😉

  4. Jennifer Jones

    My daughter is so looking forward attending camp during week one🙏🏾

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