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Even in uncertain times, Jesus is our HOPE

Written by Rebecca Wallace;

We hope. In times of uncertainty, we hope for clarity. In times of distress, we hope for comfort. In times of chaos, we hope for peace. In the midst of the chaos in the world right now everyone is hoping for something. We are in a period of unknown, but in the midst of the unknown, there is a God who does know. He knows what today, tomorrow, and the next day will look like. He knows when the virus will end. Most importantly, he knows the purpose of this time and has a plan for it all. 

As we approach Good Friday and Easter weekend, this theme of hope correlates perfectly. On the day of Jesus’ crucifixion, it was one of the darkest days this world has ever seen. Jesus suffered one of the most painful deaths imaginable to save us. A man who lived a perfect life, who did no wrong, died for us who are sinful by nature. Upon his death, the world quickly realized who had just died, and a period similar to what we are now in began. The next day the world was filled with uncertainty. Many people asked, why did this happen? How could He die? What is to come? 

“Darkness rejoiced as though heaven had lost, but then Jesus arose with our freedom in hand.”

However, while everyone doubted, God had a plan far greater than any human mind could comprehend. Something so great that would leave the whole world in awe of him, in fear of the Lord. Yes, God could have saved Jesus while he was hanging on the cross, but would it have sent the same message that the death and resurrection sends? Would people have responded in the same way? 

While we do not know the answer to this, we do know the impact that his resurrection had. It left the world shaken by his power, truly unable to put into words what our God had just done. Easter is a symbol for us of the hope that once was thought to be lost, but was redeemed in a way far greater than any person could have imagined. God took an event that was one of the darkest days this earth has ever seen and turned it into a moment we rejoice over. He defeated death and sin so we can walk in freedom, and that same resurrection power lives in us. 

As we move into this weekend, it may look different than what we are used to. We may not be in a physical church building this Easter. You may not be dressed up in your Sunday best enjoying the beautiful spring weather. However, despite all these differences, there is one thing that is and always will remain the same. The One we celebrate. We will still gather (maybe virtually), we will still celebrate, we will still rejoice, and we will still remember the one who died to give us our freedom. We will celebrate as a church because the church is not about the building the people gather in, but the people within it. We unite under the hope of the One who gave it all, and the One who controls it all. 

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  1. Jane Martin

    What a wonderful way to start my day, an explanation of this week like no other. Thank you God for this timely and meaningful message!

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