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Highland Day Camp Has A New Place To Call Home

Over the years, Highland Day Camp has made our home at a handful of church locations in and around the Alpharetta and Crabapple areas. All of which include: Northpoint Community Church, Stonecreek Church, Birmingham United Methodist Church, and most recently Bridgeway Christian Academy. These churches have shown us so much generosity and kindness throughout our time with them. However, we have continued to seek the Lord’s provision in our search for a more permanent and stable location to host our Day Camp. Well, the Lord does what he does best. He listens and He answers prayers! Today, we are excited to announce a new partnership with Fellowship Bible Church in Roswell, GA. Highland Day Camp has a new place to call home! 

From the Director

To find out more, I sat down with Highland Day Camp Director, Aria Randolph. Here’s a snapshot from our recent conversation.

Why Do You Love it?

Zach: “Tell me first a little about Highland Day Camp, and what you love about it.”

Aria: “What I love about Highland Day Camp is that it truly captures the heart of Camp Highland. Just like Overnight Camp in Ellijay for rising 4th-12th graders, our message meets the child right where they are. We mimic that message by engaging the heart of the kids. At Highland Day Camp, it’s never about a child’s performance. Instead, it encourages the child to ask the question, ‘what does this mean for me’? This message really resonates with our campers. They begin to realize that we all are built for more than just performance. We are built for what really matters in life. Highland Day Camp is a place that starts to bring that out through our high adventure activities and our caring staff.


Another thing that is special is that there really isn’t anything west of Hwy 400 that is quite like Highland Day Camp. We serve rising k-5th graders, many of which live in the surrounding area. Our program is more manageable for younger campers since it is from 9am-3pm Monday-Friday. At this age, they are not quite ready to be away from their parents for a whole week overnight. Highland Day Camp gives opportunity to build relationships with families in the community as well as our staff. What is cool is that many of our overnight campers come to serve on staff and they get to then give back some of that camp culture to the next generation.”

New Partnership

Zach: “Tell me about how the new partnership with Fellowship Bible Church began.”

Aria: “I reached out to 10 churches in the surrounding area and Fellowship Bible Church just happened to be one of them. They stopped hosting their own summer outreach and wanted to find a new way to connect with the community. The other reason is that our mission aligns with theirs. So, a meeting was schedule and I presented to them by showing a video and sharing stories. Everything just fit and so here we are today!” I’m just so excited to partner with them for so many reasons. My family just so happens to be members there, but also the property is great. It’s protected from big roads so we won’t have to worry about kids going near the street. I also love the opportunities for new relationships that will be built with their staff and the families in this community.”

Highland Day Camp Registration 2019

Registration 2019 is open! Aria asked that you join us as we continue to pray for this new partnership to thrive. A big THANK YOU goes out to Fellowship Bible Church for opening your doors to Highland Day Camp. See you this summer!