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Interviews with Interns – Emily Helms

Written by: Rebecca Wallace

Though she has not been around camp for long, Emily Helms has truly bought into the mission, culture, and heart surrounding what Camp Highland is all about. She is from Ball Ground, Georgia, and for years has been around many different prior staff members and family members of current staff members. She has always felt the Lord pushing her to this place, and finally in January of 2020 she volunteered for a weekend at camp. Little did she know, that one weekend would change the trajectory of the next few months, and land her as an intern at camp. 

As soon as Emily arrived, she immediately recognized the unity present amongst staff members. No matter a person’s role, experience level, or job title, everyone is included and welcomed without division amongst staffers. Unity is a valued quality of camp culture, and it allows each staff member to not only utilize their strengths but also grow in their weaknesses. Emily has been able to put much of her experience to use by using her strengths to aid in improving and maintaining campgrounds and work projects, while also growing in her areas of weaknesses.  She has seen the joy and laughter that fills these moments working together and has learned that it is not the work accomplished that is most important, but instead the ability that it then gives to allow kingdom work to occur and God to work.  

Camp allows for much growth as there are constant opportunities to be challenged, to learn, and to experience new things. Emily has been able to work outside of her comfort zone and experience immense personal and spiritual growth throughout her semester here. Through her time, she has learned to fully lean on the Lord in times of uncertainty, weakness, or discomfort. Emily learned that she cannot lean on human affirmation from friends or family to fill her up, and instead her affirmation is found in the Lord and through his word, his truth. 

While Emily’s semester internship has come to a close, her time at camp is not quite over yet. She will be returning for summer camp as a trip lead, and then in August will stay for another year of work. She is excited to see the work the Lord will do this summer in the hearts of both staff members and campers. This is not a summer like any other. It creates a truly unique environment for the Lord to work and hearts to be changed for eternity.  

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