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Interviews with Interns – Jake Einig

Written by Rebecca Wallace

Jake Einig, a recent graduate of Georgia College and State University, has been around camp for many years. He has served at camp for three summers as a counselor, boat driver, and most recently a trip lead. However, after three summers at camp, it still wasn’t enough time, so Jake came back and spent this past spring semester as an intern. 

Over the years, camp has grown and changed, and Jake’s positions have changed along with it, but what has stayed consistent is the reason he keeps coming back. “It is evident that the Lord is moving at camp and specifically in the hearts of the kids and staffers,” Jake said. He recognized early in his involvement with camp the impact it has on campers and staff members and wanted to be a part of something for the kingdom. Not only has Jake seen the impact that camp has on those around him, but he has also seen how it has grown him over the years. 

Camp has allowed Jake to gain wisdom not only from working with his fellow interns and previous staff members but also from working with the full-time staff members. Each semester, the interns are paired with a member of full-time staff to be their mentor and walk through this time with them, offering guidance, support, and wisdom when needed. This mentorship program was an important part of the experience to Jake, and one area that he feels has helped him to grow immensely in his spiritual walk. 

While this semester has not looked the way Jake, or honestly anyone, expected it to, there has still been purpose in every moment. He learned through the internship ending early that we can all make our own plans, but it may not be what happens, and more often than not God has something greater in store than we could have imagined.  

“I have learned about contentment in circumstances and giving up my plan for his. In Philippians, Paul talks about how he can bring glory to God in whatever his circumstances are, and I think that relates a lot to this time,” Jake said. He has seen how this time has brought his family together, and specifically how they have been more open and grown together in their faith. This fruit that he has seen might not have happened if his circumstances hadn’t changed in this unexpected way, but through those changes, fruit has come, and the glory of God has been seen in his family’s conversations, devotionals, and mealtimes. 

While Jake is unsure of what will come after his time at camp this summer, he has learned a tremendous amount related to teamwork, leadership, and most importantly his faith. He has realized that no matter what his next job or position may be, camp has taught him that he can glorify the Lord in whatever that is and can actively do ministry no matter where he ends up next.

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