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Making an impact just got a lot easier!

We are excited to announce a new and easy way for you to come alongside Camp Highland and have a huge impact in the lives of the people that we serve. It’s called Kindful, and it’s our new donor platform that lets you give to the things that you care about the most.

At Camp Highland, every dollar donated is used to accomplish our mission to build leaders, strengthen families, and engage the heart in the lives of our current generation and for future generations to come! Your donations go directly into 1 of 4 major areas.

  1. SCHOLARSHIP – Do you have a desire for underprivileged kids to hear the message of Jesus Christ in a truly experiential way? We believe that every child should have the opportunity to attend camp. In order to make this a reality, we have to maintain a sustainable model. By donating to our Scholarship Fund, you not only help cover the tuition to send a child to Camp, but you now have a direct impact on the trajectory of their life. This changes everything!
  2. CAPITAL – We are serving more people than ever before and have outgrown many of our facilities. To keep from busting at the seems we need to build. Some of the more urgent projects include housing for our program staff, a larger kitchen and dinning hall, and additional sleeping accommodations. If you’d like to help us grow in this area, consider donating towards our Capital Fund!
  3. LAND – This past year, we were given a truly unique opportunity to acquire the surrounding undeveloped land adjacent to our current property. Why buy more land you ask?… This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to protect our borders from any outside, undesired development that could quickly and drastically change the Camp Highland experience. It also creates endless possibilities for growth above and beyond what we ever thought was possible. If you want to leave a lasting legacy for future generations, this is your chance! Find out how you can “Join the 700!”
  4. GENERAL OPERATIONS – Throughout the past 26 years, we’ve done everything we can to protect our unique culture. We have stayed away from morphing into a behemoth that simply turns over as many groups as possible, only to make a profit. We’re passionate about maintaining our small camp feel. By taking a different approach in order to grow in a sustainable way, we are able to get to know our guests in a more meaningful way. This means we need partners like you to walk alongside us on a daily basis. If you’d like to help support our daily operational expenses, please consider donating to our General Operations Fund!

Now with Kindful, when you donate to Camp Highland you are able to print tax receipts, view transaction history, update your personal profile, and manage recurring donations. No matter if you’ve given $25 or $250,000, and even if you’ve donated once or continue to donate monthly, this is for you!

If you currently donate to Camp or decide you would like to start, simply follow these quick and easy steps to create your new profile.

Step 1: Click here to “Create A Secure Account.”

Step 2: You’ll receive an email asking you to confirm your email address. This will take you to your Kindful Dashboard. From here you can utilize all of the benefits mentioned above. While you’re in your dashboard, take a moment to update your contact information.

That’s it! Kindful is simple, easy to use, intuitive, and helps us be better at serving you.

Need more help? No problem! Email to set up a convenient time to update your profile securely over the phone.

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