For Parents: New Gap Season Program Survey

How can we work together to more effectively equip & prepare our High School graduates to meet tomorrow’s challenges?

We need your input! 

Our initial research would suggest the need is great! 

  • 66% of Young Adults stop attending church as a teenager.*
  • 40% of High School Students plan to take a Gap Year.**

Many of the discussions we’re having with Students feature lots of questions about their purpose, desire & preparedness for their next stage in life after High School – and with COVID restrictions, they are tired of the basic online classes.

Having served and ministered to tens of thousands of kids and young adults over the past 28 years of Camp Highland, we’ve seen a need for a more meaningful and purposeful influence to help them navigate their future hopes & dreams.

Camp Highland is planning to launch two “Gap Season” programs in February/March ‘21, strategically designed to be unique, purpose-driven opportunities, created to more effectively prepare & equip Students in the areas of:

  • Spiritual Foundation: helping your child embrace and thrive in their God given talents and gifts.
  • Leadership: enhancing their leadership qualities and skills to lean into greater opportunities.
  • Life Skills: growing in empathy, self-awareness, time management, communication and more.
  • Financial Stewardship: a greater understanding of planning, debt, and budgeting.

This is not another online class. We’re planning to launch 2 programs to bring meaningful, purposeful, experiential platforms that encourage & engage students: 

        Option A: 12 Week In-Person Experiential Intensive Program

        Option B: 8 Week Virtual + In-Person Experience Program

These strategic, unique, experiential programs will also feature:

  • Foundational Biblical Principles
  • 1 on 1 Mentor relationships
  • Meaningful Personal Assessments
  • Available in-person gatherings
  • Experiential leadership exercises

As we’re planning to launch the program, we would greatly appreciate your input! Please take a few minutes to complete our survey. 

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