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Tiny homes invade Camp

Over the years, there have been many very generous gifts given to help support camp. Most often, support comes in the form of financial donations. However, now and then, a really unique gift is given. Some of the more specific types of unique gifts have included but are not limited to: a regulation size astroturf field, 100 office chairs on wheels, a giant theme park sized water slide, and now the most recent unique gift – two tiny homes!

In a lunch meeting with a friend, the idea of creating some unique living spaces was laid out for the purpose of being used for whatever would serve camp best. What an incredible idea! This would be the first time we’ve ever received a gift quite like this.

After months of building the homes, followed by transporting them to camp, and the development of the land they would rest on, the homes finally began to get used in the summer of 2020! When first presented with the idea, we weren’t exactly sure what their purpose would ultimately be. However, it became evidently clear this past summer that these homes would have a great purpose! Each home is used to house our nursing team during the summer, and guests and leaders of groups during the rest of the year. Having these special spaces allows for an incredible home away from home for the individuals who get to use them.

We owe a huge amount of gratitude to the creators of our wonderful homes. Thank you to the incredible team at Homestead Tiny House Co.!

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