We All Want to Leave a Lasting Impact

We All Want to Leave a Lasting Impact

Camp Highland is not just a place where adventure happens within the confines of the property borders. It’s a place that invites and inspires people to take that adventure outside of the gates and beyond. Sometimes that adventure even goes into other parts of the world! Great things begin to happen when you decide to jump in and allow God to direct your adventure. Often times I get the privilege of connecting with many of the people that have come through Camp on a more personal level. I’ve gotten to know one person in particular over the years and I recently sat down with him to hear about his summer mission trip to Kenya and how it made a lasting impact.

Allow me to introduce you to my friend, Dale. Dale Alexander is one of those guys you’re automatically drawn to immediately upon meeting him. He has a huge heart for people and for purpose, and is one of the most humble men that I’ve ever met. He’s the type that would never boast about all of his accomplishments, which is why I get to brag on him a little. Dale is not only an active Camp Highland board member (amongst others), but he is also the President of Alexander & Co. (a benefits firm for school systems), a national Keynote Speaker, a community leader, member at Woodstock City Church, and most importantly a loving husband, father, and friend. This is a short summary of his journey to Kenya.

“I was recently fortunate to experience my first mission trip ever!  Hard to believe, but true. While Kenya has been my wife’s greatest service passion for years, I had never been.  And this summer I finally got the chance to go.  And believe me when I say, it was a blessing that I will not soon forget. 

Upon entering the Kenyan culture I was immediately awed by the love of their people.  I wasn’t prepared for that!  You see, this was a short-term mission trip. Our purpose in being there was to hold marriage enrichment classes and host entrepreneur startup consulting.  I was even lucky enough to preach in their church one Sunday (one of the rich moments in my life).    

Well, the mission trip backfired!  I thought I was going there to minister to THEIR people.  To serve THEIR people.  To bring hope and love to THEM.  Let’s just say that I got more than they ever got from me.  But, that’s the nature of service and pouring into others, right?

I could probably go on describing more of my amazing adventure to this beautiful country, but I’ll keep this short.  The point I want to make is the direct connection between my time in Kenya and the many years I’ve spent going up to Camp Highland.  I believe that for most of us, we want to outlive our own lives.  What I mean by that is that we want to leave a lasting impact.  And I believe that one of the most effective ways to do that is by building up our kids to build others up.  It’s because of places like Camp Highland where leaders are developed and hearts are engaged.  No matter if you are a child or an adult, it’s the time spent pouring into our kids’ lives and our families that allow us to then take what we’ve experienced and journey out into the world, beyond the confines of our own borders.  For some of us that means taking it to our school or work, and for others it means taking it to Kenya!  No matter where you go, investing in people is what allows us to discover the deep life impact that God has planned for us.  

Thanks Camp Highland for encouraging me to go further!  I believe in what you do.”

Dale Alexander, Camp Highland Board Member & President at Alexander & Co.


Written by: Zach Bertram, Development Director at Camp Highland

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