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Encouragement to Give Lavishly

At first, this felt like any other Tuesday, but as the morning progresses I am reminded we are squarely situated in the middle of a pandemic. The decisions we have been making in the past month feel fragile. What was a solid choice in one moment needs to be reconsidered amid new data and standards that are developing hourly. Our team has been faithful not to allow the panic of the pandemic to overtake our mind and mission! Still, we must operate in the reality that life is anything but normal. No, this isn’t just another Tuesday, it’s Giving Tuesday!

This may seem like an odd request, but I want to challenge you to find a ministry that is doing amazing work for Christ and support them Today! Hunger, education, clean water, character development, evangelism, after school programs, or even a camp: the important question is not which cause you’re giving to, but if you’re giving! This is a Giving Tuesday like no other! Ministries urgently need you. In the nonprofit world, a pandemic not only renders ministries unable to serve and reach their 2020 goals for the greatest good, but it also breaks the financial part of the ministry model. We are no exception, but I want to encourage you to be intentionally generous today to the ministries you are passionate about!

While we are socially apart, let’s put our resources together and Make A Difference in our world today! I love the wording in 1 John 3:1, “See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called the children of God!” The Father has lavished His love on us and I want to challenge you to do a little lavishing today too! As you lavishly support the ministries you love, I promise we will continue to love more people more, even with our adjusted plans for 2020!


Bill Chapman, Founder

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