Family Retreats, Spending Time On What Matters

Family Retreats, Spending Time On What Matters

Each year at Camp Highland we host a number of Father/Daughter and Father/Son Family Retreats for parents and their kids. These weekend get-aways in the mountains are some of the most profound and most captivating events that we host all year! Like all of our customizable retreats, these are uniquely crafted unto themselves. They provide an incredible opportunity for parents to connect deeply with their children in a way that doesn’t typically happen in everyday life.

We recognize that most of us lead busy lives and can easily get caught up in the go! go! go! of our work schedules, sports practices, piano lessons, grocery shopping, and the list goes on and on. As an integral part of Camp’s DNA we encourage all of our guests to pause for a moment, unplug from all the business, and take some time to acknowledge what rules our lives and schedules. It’s true that what we spend our time doing typically reflects what we value most. Unfortunately it’s often at the expense of our family. But there is hope! Sometimes we just need to recalibrate and get back to what is and should be the most important things in our lives. I can’t think of a better place to do this than at a Family Retreat at Camp Highland!

These weekends are designed with all of this in mind. That is why we create space for parents and their kids to spend valuable time together. Take a hike down to the lake and canoe in uncharted waters. Or climb the highest peak to take in views that stretch for miles. Take a big step out into the open as you go soaring through the canopy on one of our ziplines. Maybe you want to explore our 220 acres of wilderness or just simply relax among the trees in a hammock. Whatever you decide to do while you’re here, we will make sure it is filled with intentional time spent with your child. We encourage everyone who comes to a Family Retreat to come with an open mind and an open heart so that you leave here feeling refreshed and with a renewed energy to value what is most important.

We’d love you to join us this weekend or next at one of our Family Retreats. We hope to see you there!

Register: Father/Daughter Retreat (August 10-12)

Register: Father/Son Retreat (August 17-19)

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