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Interviews with Interns – Kathryn Bracher

Written by Rebecca Wallace;

Kathryn Bracher, a recent graduate of the University for Georgia with a degree in Middle Grades Education, is serving this spring semester as an intern at Camp Highland. With Bill Chapman as her uncle, Kathryn has been around camp for most of her life. She was a camper for three summers, attended yearly Father Daughter retreats, and then came back as a member of summer staff for three summers. Truthfully, Kathryn never expected to stay at camp as long as she has. After her first summer as a counselor, she did not think she would return, let alone for two more summers and now as an intern. 

Upon graduation, Kathryn thought that she would go straight into a teaching position, however, she quickly realized that her agenda was not God’s agenda for her. As she felt God calling her into this season, she began to realize that this was the best opportunity for her to grow in her relationship with the Lord and listen to what he was calling her into. 

What has kept Kathryn coming back, like so many others, is the heart and mission behind camp. “It truly creates a culture that glorifies God, and a community that supports and cares for one another, putting others ahead of themselves,” Kathryn said. It’s really unique to see so many people working together focused on the Lord, and that comes from the space that leadership has been so intentional to create. Kathryn loves the atmosphere that comes with camp by eliminating distractions to focus on what really matters in the moment. 

Camp has taught her a lot throughout her time there, and one being how to love her family better. Whether it be through listening, small acts of service, or something as simple as showing grace, she has taken many aspects of culture and brought them back into her home. While she did not expect to use what she had learned so soon into the semester, COVID-19 has given her some more time at home than initially expected. At camp, she values people’s priority to bring God all the glory and to honor one another as they work to do that, and she has seen the value of bringing that back into her home.

While her time at camp is on hold for now, she is excited about what is to come. There is always more to learn, and camp is not over for her just because she is not there right now. The community that camp brought her through the interns and full-time staff will continue to stay close. This community serves as a reminder to her of the Lord’s goodness and is a source of encouragement and accountability as she works through what is to come in the future. Camp has been a life-transforming place for her as she has grown as a Christian and a person. 

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