My Child at Day Camp – A Parent’s Perspective

My Child at Day Camp – A Parent’s Perspective

What happened when I sent my child to Highland Day Camp

We often get encouraging letters or notes from campers and parents about their experience at Camp. This one in particular really tugged on the heart strings. It’s from a mom who sent her child to Highland Day Camp this summer. Read her letter below.

A week has passed and I see scratched knees and bug bites. I see tired eyes and smiles, boys that smell of sweat and taste like salt, and tiny hearts ready to grow because of gospel-seeds planted. Summer camp. Bathing suits and sandals. Bibles and worship. Bug spray and baseball caps. And counselors who have given their summer break to pour into the lives of little people – my little people – and I am forever grateful. All this for one man.

Who does this for one man, a man they’ve never seen or met? For a story they’ve only heard but still believe? Jesus: the one man, the only man that can turn hearts of stone into hearts of flesh. Who can take broken pieces and create something whole, different but whole. Who can redeem all things and make them new, even better, than before. Only one man can do this. Only Jesus.

How do these counselors know? How will my boys know?….Did Noah know the boat would be used and the rain would come?….Did Abraham know baby Isaac would arrive?….How did Mary know what grew in her belly would save the world?….How did they believe?

Taste and see that the Lord is Good!

“Taste and see that the Lord is good.” (Psalm 34:8) When you’ve had a taste of God and his goodness, you know. You know it’s worth giving up your summer break to serve. It’s worth your time to build a boat when the land is dry. You know the baby will arrive even though your wife is barren. And you know your virgin belly holds the Messiah. All because you have tasted of God. And it tastes good!”

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