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Spring Internship – Excited to welcome 6 new interns to the team!

The new year is off to a great start as we welcome 6 new interns to the team! This is our second year to offer an internship program for young adults. It all began organically in the spring of 2019 with the addition of two interns. This quickly lead to a full-blown internship program, led by Deborah (one of our full-time staff members). We kicked off the program in the fall of 2019 by welcoming 5 interns. It’s now our privilege to bring on (from left to right) Harrison Pyle, Kathryn Bracher, Rebecca Wallace, Madison Archer, Emily Helms, and Jake Einig.

The purpose behind the internship

The purpose of this program is to offer students an opportunity to gain leadership experience, learn practical job skills for future careers, and develop spiritually as they are mentored by full-time staff members. It also allows the participants a season to step away from the typical American career path for the purpose of reflecting on God’s calling and purpose for them in the next season of life.

4 Primary Components

  1. Individual Discipleship – We love learning in a group setting, but also believe strongly in one-on-one discipleship. Because of this, each intern is assigned to a member of our full-time staff as their personal mentor. The two meet on a regular basis for the purpose of accountability and discipleship.
  2. Program – Camp is all about action! We learn by doing and lead by example as we work alongside one another. Programs are the primary way that interns get to transfer their knowledge into action. That’s why one of their primary responsibilities is to assist in running programs for our partner schools, churches, and organizations. This includes leading small groups, facilitating rope elements, and assisting with facility operation and food preparation.
  3. Academic – One of our greatest desires for our interns is that their time at Camp Highland would provide them with training in spiritual development, relational ministry, and leadership. Although we believe that hands-on training in daily ministry is the best way for our interns to grow, we also believe in supplementing this practical training with reading and discussion. Interns spend 2-3 hours a week in a classroom-like setting which is a combination of group discussion of the reading material and teaching by full-time staff and guest speakers.
  4. Career Training – Interns also receive practical training from full-time camp staff in areas including non-profit administration, program design, staff recruiting, marketing, construction, course design, technical skills, and media. They get to go on off-site excursions including trips to our camp partners. This exposes them to the work God is doing through the schools, churches, non-profits, and businesses with whom we partner. By introducing them to Christian leaders in other areas of ministry and business, we hope to inspire them to develop vision and strategies for how they can use their abilities to make a difference for the Kingdom when they enter their own careers.

Want to find out more?

If you or someone you know would be interested in finding out more, check out our 2020 Internship Packet, or email our Internship Director

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