What Motivates You to Get Out of the Bed Each Morning?

What Motivates You to Get Out of the Bed Each Morning?

Camp Highland (CH) is bustling these days as we’ve been hosting quite a few groups just since the last day of summer camp. Starting August 1st, we’ve welcomed 14 middle and high schools, 4 football teams, 3 churches, 2 family events, 2 corporate retreats, and 1 college team! If you’ve spent any amount of time at CH during the months of August or September you were almost guaranteed to run into one of these groups. Most of these groups will overlap one another. As one is arriving, two are departing, or as 2 are happening simultaneously, two more are on their way. It’s truly miraculous to watch everything that needs to happen in order to prepare for each one (ie – clean cabins, cut grass, prep food, arrange schedules, etc.) just happens. We are so fortunate to have some really incredible staff who not only manage, facilitate, lead, engage, feed, and care for each guest, but they do it with good attitudes, pure intentions, and smiling faces.

I often read articles that talk about the latest statistics relating to the benefits that can help attract and retain good employees. As many of these lists are probably pretty accurate, one thing I know is certain in order to accomplish this. Figure out your company’s Why. Why is what motivates us to get out of the bed each morning. It’s our reason, cause, and purpose for what we do. Many companies get this right. Many don’t. The Why at CH is this – We seek to create impactful experiences that motivate leaders and build families. Of course each person has their own iteration of this for themselves, but as a team this is what we do, it’s who we are, and it’s how we are committed to each of our guests.

If you’d like to see for yourself what CH is all about let us know. We’d love to host your group! If you’d like to check it out for yourself contact us to plan a personalized tour of our home away from home.

We want to give a HUGE THANKS to all of the following groups who have come up to CH over the last few months!

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