At Camp Highland, we understand that there are certain aspects that make us different from other camps. As exciting as it may be, the difference is not found in the adventure activities such as the ropes courses, or the white water rafting. It’s not found in tubing behind the boat, or building blazing fires at the overlook. It’s not even found in the delicious food or amazing worship.

The difference is found much deeper than what we can see on the surface. It’s found inside the people! Every person who steps foot onto our campus is the reason that leaders are built, families are strengthened, and hearts are engaged. Lives are transformed at Camp Highland, but it doesn’t only happen with our guests. Our team of seasonal and full-time leaders are the heartbeat of Camp Highland. They are what sets the standard for excellence. Get an inside look into the lives of the people that make up our Leadership Team at Camp Highland. Developing leaders and engaging the heart!